Can You Increase Snapchat Score Without Opening Snaps? Best travel guide 2023 (2023)

Like other social media apps, Snapchat also has a dedicated following that keeps the app ranked high on both the Play Store and App Store.

Snapchat features many great filters and features to attract new users and retain existing ones. Also, the Snapchat team provides new features regularly to keep their users engaged. One such amazing feature is Snapchat Score. There are different methods to increase this score, but can you increase Snapchat score without opening snaps?

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Your Snapchat score is one of the key variables in deciding the age, usage, and fame level of your account. The more you have a Snapchat score, the more it shows how consistently you are using the Snapchat app.

If you are a new Snapchat user, you may be wondering if Snapchat score increases without opening snaps. Yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Snapchat scores.


How Snapchat Scoring Works

Your Snapchat score is located next to your username. This small number represents your activity on the app. Everyone can see your Snapchat score just by searching for your username. If you make your Snapchat ID private, friends you add on Snapchat will be able to see your score and you will be able to see your score too.

So here comes the question of how does Snapchat score work and what factors does it depend on.

Snap score calculation criteria are kept private by Snapchat, but it mainly depends on the number of snaps you send and receive from your Snapchat friends. Every time you send and receive a Snap from someone, Snapchat adds one point to your Snap score.

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This means that in order to increase your snapshot score, you need to open as many snapshots as you can. Unopened snapshots will hold your score until you see them.

So if you want to move your Snapchat score quickly, you need to send and receive snaps on a regular basis. Upload stories and see the stories of your friends.

Can You Increase Snapchat Score Without Opening Snaps?

But if you are wondering if your score increases without opening snapshots, there is a possibility to keep sending snapshots to other people without opening snapshots. You will earn a point when your friend receives a complement from you.

However, if you were the recipient and did not open Snapchat, your Snap score will not increase.

Despite this, you don't open Snapchat and send a few snaps to your friends before closing the app. Your instant score will continuously increase.

Even if you don't open snaps from other users, all of these points contribute to your overall Snapchat score.

How can you hide your instant score?

Some people have trouble making their Snap Score visible to everyone. They are concerned about the privacy that everyone can see their Snapchat usage history or their snap score.

Snapchat has yet to introduce a feature that allows you to hide your Snapchat score. But you can remove, delete and block the user you don't want to share snapchat score with.

Also, you can adjust your profile visibility settings and only allow your Snapchat friends to search your username and see your Snapchat score.

How to make your Snap Score go up

1. Send and receive the plugin

Snapscore will increase when you create an image or video using Snapchat filters and send it to other users on Snapchat. Similarly, when you receive a plugin from someone and open the plugin, your plugin score increases by one point.

2.Upload stories from Snapchat

It has also been found that when you post some stories on Snapchat, the score increases. So, you need to post the maximum number of stories to increase your Snapchat score.

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3.Send streaks on Snapchat

If you use Snapchat frequently, you undoubtedly have a friend who can constantly take photos with various filters and effects.

By sharing photos every day, you can have a long conversation. Your instant score also increases very quickly if you do this.

4.Sign in after a while

If you haven't used Snapchat in a while and you go back to your account and send a snap to your friends, you can earn some extra points.

With that you get a nice jump on your overall Snapchat score and you will keep increasing your score by sending a snap.

5.Add more friends on Snapchat

Your Snapchat score also increases when you add new Snapchat friends. As you add new friends, the snaps you receive or send also increase. Eventually, the instant score also increases.

How to find someone's instant score

The nice thing about instant scoring is how transparent it is. Anyone can see your score, and you can see anyone else's score.

Go to the chat screen of the person whose instant score you want to review.

Then, in the top left corner, tap the profile icon or Bitmoji to view the public profile. Your plugin code and plugin score will be displayed under your username.

Do you upload Snapscore using group chat?

Group chats can help you improve your Snapchat score. You can earn points when each member of the group sends and receives a Snap.

But keep in mind that the instant score will not increase when you send a text message. It only increases if all members of the group contribute by sharing snapshots in the group chat.

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frequent questions

How to make your Snap Score go up?

You can increase Snapscore by following the steps below
1. Send and receive the plugin
2. Upload Snapchat stories
3. Send streaks on Snapchat
4. Sign in after a while
5. Add more friends on Snapchat

Does Snapscore also decrease?

No, Snapscore does not decrease. It only increases when you send or receive snapshots.

How can I find someone else's instant score?

They can see each other in person only if they make it public. All you need is to go to your profile by typing your username in the search bar. Click the circle or Bitmoji in the upper right corner. Snapscore is displayed next to the username.

Does your Snapchat score increase without opening snaps?

No, the Snap Score only increases when you open the snap you received. Another possibility is that you keep sending snapshots to your friends without opening them.

When does your Snap Score go up?

When you send or receive snaps from your friends and post stories on Snapchat, your Snap score will increase. To increase your Instant Score quickly, you need to maintain an Instant Streak and post stories regularly.

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Can your Snap Score increase on its own?

No, your Instant Score will not increase on its own, you must post stories and send and receive Snaps regularly to increase your Instant Score.

Do opening snaps increase your score?

Yes, you will receive instant points if you open the instants received from your friends.

Can you increase someone's instant score if you are not active?

No, your Snap Score will not move if you are not active on Snapchat. Snapchat score remains unchanged whether you send or receive snaps.


Snapchat comes up with ways to engage their users in the app, and Snapscore is also one of their methods to keep users on the app so they can play games and send snaps to their connections.

Your Snapchat score can increase without opening any snaps only if you send the snaps regularly. The Snpascore increases because the other user gets their Snap.

To keep your score up, you need to continue using the app and open the snaps you get from your friends.

However, if you want to increase your instant score quickly, you will need to use the app regularly.

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