Can your Snap Score go up without being on Snapchat? (2023)

Heinstant scoreIt's one of the best ways to track your activity level on the app, and it's a good way to compare. However, if you notice your score accidentally increasing, you may be wondering what happened. So, can you increase your Snap Score without being on Snapchat?

Your Snap Score only increases when you take action on Snapchat. If you notice your score increasing when you haven't done anything, it could just be a delay as the score was added to your score after actions were taken more than a week ago.

Let's take a look at how Snap Score works and how you can increase it, and find out why you may have seen your score increase without doing anything.

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Can your Snap Score go up on its own?

Your Snap score is based on actions you take within the app, so you won't see your score increase unless you've done something to increase it.

You can easily check your own score by looking at your profile on the Snapchat app. You can find it just below your photo on your profile page.

Of course, to increase your score, one way is to just send a lot of Snapchats and open the Snapchats you receive. There are points for both. This is the most common way to increase a score, but it's not the only one.

Sending photos and videos also helps you create streaks that give you extra points towards your Snap Score. Creating streaks also increases the number of Snapchats you get, further increasing your score.

This is all to show that not only sending and receiving Snapchats can cause your score to increase. So, if you haven't sent or received Snapchats but still notice that your score has gone up, it could be that you've been doing other behaviors.

Another way to earn points towards your Snap Score is through Stories, both by adding Snapchat Stories and by watching other people's Stories. For some reason, viewing your friends' stories doesn't contribute to your Snapchat score.

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That means looking at public stories instead. One way to increase the number of visible public stories is to scroll down the Snap Stars list and follow them.

Snap Stars are individuals recognized by Snapchat based on a variety of factors, including account engagement, stories that are generally good for public audiences, authenticity, quality content, awareness, and cultural relevance.

If you are a parent, you can also be assured that the content on Snap Stars is safe and appropriate for all users and complies with Snapchat's Community Guidelines; otherwise they lose this status.

Your stories don't have to be public to contribute to the score, so posting private stories is fine, but a public profile increases interaction with others and increases the chance of your stories being seen.

As stories expire over time, going back and checking the story section means you find new stories to increase your score again.

The Discover section is another source of Snap Score as they count all random videos from the public or discovery videos from your favorite influencers. Spotlight videos also display Snap Score.

Adding friends gives you points towards your score, although it seems the other person has to accept the friend request as well.

It may be worth changing your Snapchat account password. This can prevent multiple logged in accounts as it will force them to log out. So if your account was somehow compromised and someone is using it, this will prevent this device from increasing your score.

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Can you increase your snap score without sending snaps?

Your Snap Score can increase even if you never send a single Snapchat.

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This is because other actions in the app count towards increasing your score, e.g. B. adding friends, viewing public stories, opening Snapchats and progressing through the Discovery or Spotlight queue.

However, your Snap Score doesn't increase just by being active on the platform, nor does it increase from simple text messages sent through the app.

If you don't want people to know your Snapchat score, the best thing to do is remove them as Snapchat friends or block them. To do this, go to the person's profile, select from the three dot menu and find the delete option.

If you really want to reset your Snapchat score, you can create multiple accounts as the Snapchat Terms of Service doesn't prohibit it. Snapchat just requires you to have separate emails for each new Snapchat account.

A Snap Score cannot be reset no matter what actions you take, such as B. removing friends or simply not using it for a long time. A Snap Score also cannot go back or lose points.

If you notice someone's account has been reset to zero, it could be a bug on Snapchat's end more than anything. Nothing you or your friends do will do that.

Keep in mind that some people are quite protective of their Snap Score and easily misrepresent their actual usage to hide how often they use the app.

Since Snapchat has been around for a long time with many enthusiastic users, it's not uncommon for people to have Snap Scores in the thousands or hundreds of thousands. A simple search is enough to uncover simple techniques you can use to legitimately increase your Snap Score.

Do unopened Snapchats count toward my Snap Score?

An unopened Snapchat awards points depending on the sender. If you're the one who sent the Snapchat, it doesn't matter if the recipient doesn't open it. You still get the points just for sending the Snapchat.

However, if you receive a Snapchat and don't open it, you won't get points for it in your own Snap Score, but the sender will still get a boost to their Snap Score.

In the end, you have to be aware that Snapchat wants to reward in-app activity, so sending apps is the good action from Snapchat's point of view. However, Snapchat won't penalize you if you keep sending Snapchats that won't open.

So the only things that count towards your Snap Score are the actions you take, and you shouldn't be penalized just because other people don't open Snapchat.

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This is also the case when you look at other Snap Scores, as the Snap Score on your friends' profiles doesn't update immediately even if they open your Snapchat.

There are anecdotal reports that if you keep checking someone's snap score, Snapchat will actually freeze the update so you can't see it going up even though the score on your end is still updating.

Do snap scores increase automatically?

Snap Scores do not automatically increase without your input. It's not just going to increase your Snap Score just because you're in the app and using it every day, something like a daily login reward.

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Unfortunately, when people tell you they don't use Snapchat but your score goes up, the reality is that they're probably lying about your Snapchat usage. A Snap Score only increases in response to the above actions performed within the app.

It is important to know that there can be quite a delay when the snap score is updated. While you might see it update immediately, it might take some action to fully traverse Snapchat's servers.

Some users report that Snap scores have increased a week after Snapchat was supposed to update the score. If you suspect this is the case, it's worth force quitting and restarting the app, or signing out of the app and signing back in.

If that still doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall the app and restart your device to make sure.

Check the official support ways for Snapchat, such as B. Twitter to find out what the current status of their servers is in case a widespread problem is reported. Of course, if there is a problem on the part of Snapchat, all you have to do is wait.

Finally, you can try deactivating and reactivating your account through the Snapchat website and then logging back into your device.

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It is best to make sure your Snapchat account has a verified email address or verified number to keep your Snapchat account intact and not become the target of anti-bot measures such as B. Restricting your account or putting it in slow mode.

This means that every time your Snap Score increases, it's a direct result of your actions in the app.

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