The 10 Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time - (2023)

The 10 Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time - (1)

What is the longest Snapchat streak of all time? It's a question that may have crossed your mind more than once. Being in an instant streak with someone means you trust and love them more than your other friends. Having the biggest Snapchat following in your circle also means you can brag about it. It can be a kind of playful competition, saying that you and your friend care more about each other than each other.

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Snapchat is an extremely popular app among millennials. This has resulted in in-camera filters that make you look good or silly, depending on how you use them. Snapchat also allows messaging through its app, but the messages, images and videos you could send to your friends would completely disappear once you see them. Snapchat allows messages, stories and filters to disappear before it was normal in other apps.

Now that other apps can do what Snapchat does, it looked like the app would be stale for a while. However, Snapchat tracks convinced social media users to continue using the app for their tracks only.

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Most of us have given up on our instant streaks. Meanwhile, others are still trying to keep their streaks with their friends. That's impressive and surprising considering the years since Snapchat invented Snap Streaks. Longer Snapchat streaks are often discussed among other social media users. Questions about who owns the title of the longest Snapchat streak or how they got it often come to mind.

Thankfully, we've moved on and tracked down the 10 Longest Snapchat Strings of All Time. Listed below are Snapchat users' names, their highscores, and some tips on how to keep your own highscore with your friends to beat those snap streaks.

The 10 Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time - (2)

Snapchat Origins

Longer Snapchat streaks wouldn't be possible if Snapchat didn't exist. Snapchat was created for private sharing of photos between two users. In addition to photo sharing, Snapchat was also one of the first apps where messages and photos disappeared forever after being viewed by the recipient.

That alone was impressive at the time. Snapchat's developers didn't stop there, however. They quickly built new features for the app, moving from its original purpose to video, disappearing messages, live video chat, Bitmoji avatars, stories and content. Snapchat was also one of the first apps to use AR-based filters and lenses on its users' photos, showing their real location in the world.

Snapchat's mission was to create more effective ways for users to communicate. Prior to its emergence, social media users tended to browse using their laptops or desktops rather than their phones.Twitter,Facebook, YouTube,eInstagramwere mostly accessed at home. Snapchat changed all that with its easy-to-use format that lets you quickly send messages, photos, and videos from your phone.

Even after app-based communication over the phone was effectively encouraged, Snapchat continues to encourage conversations today.

What are Snapchat Streaks?

Most of the longest Snapchat streaks of all time started the year Snapchat released Snap Streaks. Officially, on April 5, 2015, developers introduced Snapchat Streaks aka Snap Streaks to users. However, some users claimed that Snap Streaks were already present in the app 12 days earlier. This is because other accounts had a 12-day record even before the launch.

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This type of information is useful for validating the longest Snapchat strings. By adding 12 days record and date of birth of snapchat string, you can easily know if a person is lying about their streak or not. This would mean that a legitimate Snapchat streak should not exceed an estimated score of 2,500.

To know what the biggest snapstreak is, let's first learn what a snapstreak is. Random photos or quick videos are enough to start or keep your Snapchat records. However, you need to upload videos or photos to yourself every day to maintain your photo streak. If you don't, you'll have to start all over again.

Snapchat Streaks were created to encourage constant communication between friends. This motivated people to message each other at least once a day. At the same time, it is also a physical proof of the duration of your friendship. Because of this, most people treasure their Snapchat streaks and are distressed when they lose them.

Longest Snapchat Tracks

Now that we know what Snapchat is and what Snap Streaks are, it's time to learn about the various users who have achieved highscores on Snapchat. Note that the people listed here are the ones who officially uploaded their Snapchat tracks. This means that there is a high possibility that some unsent Snapchat streaks will break their records. You can submit your own post to sites like Techzilla and Suntrics to get your own instant following counted.

Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time by Year

Every year, a new entry manages to beat the previous one. Sometimes they can even set a new record in just a few months. Because of this, it's difficult to track exactly who currently holds the title of longest Snapchat streak. However, we were able to find three sequels that were cited as the greatest sequels in their respective years.

Best friends Hannah and Lauren are the latest winners of Snapchat's longest streak. They submitted their Snapchat streak of 2,663 days in August 2022. They beat Ally Zaino and Kat Bruneau's longest snap streak in 2021 at 2,165+ days. Meanwhile, Zaino and Bruneau won Patrick and Ryan's 1,501 days from 2020.

10 Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time

You don't need a world record to prove your friendship. However, it must be nice to know that you and your friend are at the top of the list. Aside from the top 3 just mentioned, most of the people listed below are those who haven't won the longest title but still achieved impressive results. Some of them may have beaten last year's winner, but they still haven't managed to take first place in the finish.

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  • Hannah e Lauren – 2663
  • Fatmis & Samko – 2655
  • John & Harley – 2616
  • Ally Backpack and Kat Bruneau – 2165
  • Julie S & Kristi B – 2215
  • Keenan Capps vs. Diego Astorga – 2,068
  • Mia and Elliott – 1999
  • Patrick & Ryan – 1501
  • Sofia e Taryn – 1930
  • Alan by Jonathan – 1898

Snapchat Streak Emojis Meaning

Snapchat found emojis next to the names of people you've added to your app. None of thoseSnapchat-Emojishas its own meaning. Snapchat streaks also have emojis that represent the streak and how you are doing. Below are three Snapchat string emojis to look out for.

fire emoji 🔥

The first Snapchat emoji people come across is the fire emoji. Like any other Snapchat emoji, you can find the fire emoji next to your friend's name. The fire emoji symbolizes the official start of your Snapchat streak. However, this emoji only appears after you receive direct Snaps for three days before it appears. Next to the fire emoji is the number of days you and your friend are in a quick streak. Unlike other emojis, the fire emoji doesn't disappear while you still have your Snapchat following.

100- Emojis 💯

If you hold a conversation with your Snap Streak partner for 100 days, you will receive the 100 emojis. Compared to the fire emoji, the 100 emoji only lasts for a day. It disappears the next time, making it a special achievement worth capturing with your partner. Emoji 100 does not erase the fire emoji. Instead, it moves along with the fire emoji and any other possible emoji you might have.

Hourglass Emoji ⏳

You might be risking your longest Snapchat streaks if you come across the hourglass emoji. This is because the hourglass emoji serves as a warning to you and your partner that your snapping streak is about to end. The hourglass emoji means Snapchat gives you a full four hours to reignite your snap streak. If you don't, you and your friend will have to start all over again. The only way to fix an hourglass emoji is to send a photo or video right away.

The 10 Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time - (3)

Tips on Snapchat Streaks

Many people assume that achieving the largest Snapchat following is difficult. Meanwhile, others believe that this is one of the easiest things to achieve. Your floor photos are enough to keep, but what if you and your boyfriend don't get along? That's where those who find it difficult wonder how easy sequels are. Whether you find them easy or difficult, it doesn't hurt to know some tips on how to maintain your Snapchat following.

  • Choose a willing partner.
  • A blank photo is ideal for resending right away. Just add other emojis or texts.
  • Program your flash sequences so you can remember.
  • Freeze your conversation so you don't lose sight of it.
  • Snaps from Memories or Spectacles do not count.
  • Restore your instant streakvia message to Snapchat.

Benefits of Snapchat Streaks

There are many benefits to maintaining a Snapchat following. One of the most obvious is increasing your personal Snapchat score. As you increase your score you will get various trophies that will unlock in your app. These trophies come in different emojis, such as the Hearing No Evil monkey emoji, the horned grinning face, and the waning moon face emoji. Honestly, these trophies only exist for bragging rights between you and your social circle. However, a small achievement is still an achievement worth sharing.

Aside from trophies, Snapchat Streaks serve their original purpose. They help keep conversations going with friends regardless of distance, growth or other forms of change. People who are in the habit of taking pictures with their friends may find solace in taking pictures of each other. This is even more comforting when you and your friend are in the middle of an argument. This is because maintaining a snap streak despite a fight means your friendship is stronger than what you're discussing.

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The more emotional benefits of Snapchat streaks are why millennials find their streaks valuable. This not only gives them a sense of security between themselves and their friends, but it is also a way for them to understand and communicate even without words. The days that add up to your streak can also make you feel nostalgic about your friendship with your instant streak partner.


Instant sequences help us communicate better. Many friendships never grow out of acquaintances due to lack of communication. Scheduling an instant streak with someone means constantly talking, chatting and reminding each other about the streak itself. This makes it a great way to develop a stronger bond with someone, whether you've just met them or you've known them for a long time.

Everyone has their own way of appreciating their loved ones. It might be hard for others to understand, but Snapchat streaks are an example of how to appreciate them too. Knowing that there is physical evidence of how close you and your friend are is a comfort to those going through difficult times.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Officially Submitted Longest Snapchat Strings. There is a high probability that this list can be updated in the following year. That's because many unfinished sequels can top Hannah and Lauren's scores, as well as previous champions. Who knows? Maybe next year you and your friends can make the list too.

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What happens after 1000 streak on Snapchat? ›

Do you know what happens once you reach there? Unfortunately, my friend, you receive nothing special for hitting this big milestone. Youll get a charming sticker with the person you hold the 1000 days streak. Moreover, snap-streaks are not merely restricted to 1000 days, it can be more than it depends upon our will.

What happens after a 100 day snap streak? ›

If you have been consistently maintaining your Snapstreak for 100 days, you will see the 100 emoji next to your friend's name instead of the fire emoji. The app will switch back to the flame emoji on day 101.

Does Snapchat pay you for streaks? ›

As a user, you have the opportunity to submit your best video Snaps to earn a share of 1 million dollars. Snapchat said in a public statement that it'll be paying a share of this amount on a daily basis for best performing video Snaps. Also read: How To Get A Streak Back On Snapchat?

What does the 100% mean on snap? ›

On Snapchat, 100 emoji appears next to a friend's name to represent a 100-day Snapstreak, i.e., you message that person too much.

What is 1 streak on Snapchat? ›

If you see the 🔥, that means you and your friend are on a Snapstreak — meaning you and your friend have Snapped each other (not chatted) within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days. The number next to the 🔥 tells you how many days you've been on a Snapstreak.

Can you get more than 1 streak in a day? ›

A streak will start when you send snaps to a friend for three consecutive days. Each streak will only be between you and one friend, meaning you can maintain more than one streak at once. After you send snaps to people for three days straight, a fire emoji will appear beside their names.

What does 😊 mean on Snapchat? ›

Smiling face emoji 😊

The smiling face emoji on Snapchat means that you and this person send a lot of snaps to each other. It's Snapchat's way of saying that you're close friends.

How long do streaks last after 1 day? ›

If you snap your friend and within 24 hours that friend doesn't snap you back, well, then you've lost your streak. You'll know your Snapstreak is about to end when you see an hourglass emoji next to the friend's name you are on the streak with.

How many snaps is a streak? ›

The rules for Snapchat streaks are pretty simple. Both you and your friend must send at least one snap to each other at least once every 24 hours to keep the Snapchat streak running.

Do texts count for streaks? ›

Your Snapchat Streak (or Snapstreak) tracks how many days in a row you and a friend have sent Snaps to each other. Keeping up a Snapchat Streak gives you extra points for your Snapchat score. Chat messages and Snaps sent to group chats don't count toward a Snapchat Streak.

How to make money on snap? ›

Best practices for making money on Snapchat
  1. Understand your audience. ...
  2. Partner with influencers or create an affiliate program. ...
  3. Use geofilters to capture local users. ...
  4. Create descriptive ads. ...
  5. Get to the point. ...
  6. Showcase your product straight away. ...
  7. Leverage UGC. ...
  8. Create a sense of urgency.
Apr 25, 2022

How long before snap streak goes away? ›

Sorry to hear you're having issues with Snapstreaks 😓 To keep a Snapstreak going, you and your friend must both Snap (not Chat) each other at least every 24 hours.

What happens when a snap streak ends? ›

To keep a Snapstreak going, both Snapchatters must send a Snap (not Chat) back and forth to each other within a 24 hour window. If you lost your Snapstreak and you know you've sent a Snap (not Chat) back and forth within the 24 hour window, please let us know. Need help with something else?

Can a snap streak go over 100? ›

Hundred Emoji on Snapchat

When the SnapStreak goes above 100, it will count as before.

How much does Snapchat pay for $1 million views? ›

No, Snapchat does not pay users based on the number of views. Regular posts to Snaphat do not earn any money. However, you can submit your best Snaps to Spotlight for a chance to earn a share of over $1 million paid out each day.


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